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Even Blanc de Prestige is inspired by the countless trips made by Lorenzo in the Champagne region and by the extraordinary wine that is only produced there. It is capable of giving unique emotions. In fact, the characteristics that identify it and that have made it famous all over the world are incomparable.

The Côte des Blancs is a small area of the Champagne vineyards, located in the Marne department. It owes its name to the color of the white grape that is used for the production of wine, the chardonnay. In this wine-growing area, only the champagnes called Blanc De Blanc are produced, considered the most elegant and refined in the world. They are made only with the use of white grapes, which give particularly light and delicate aromas.

Like a Blanc De Blanc champagne, Blanc de Prestige is a complex and refined fragrance. It is extremely exclusive and precious due to the precious raw materials with which it is produced.

White Rose, Bergamot, Mon Cherie Accord

Jasmine, Violet, White Pepper, White Grape Accord, Champagne Accord

Musk, Cashmere Wood, Cedar Wood

The top notes are a hymn to elegance that is tempered with touches of exuberance. The classic precious White Rose meets the sparkling Bergamot of Calabria and the Mon Cherie Accord, for an unprecedented floral bouquet.
The heart notes, equally delicate and light, emphasize the reference to Blanc De Blanc champagne. The lively, effervescent and delicately spicy Pink Pepper combines masterfully with the essence of White Grape to give complexity to the fragrance. Jasmine and Violet add charm and seduction.

The wine and distillates have been skilfully mixed with the elements that best enhance the olfactory component of each fragrance. These are agreements that often also refer to the places of origin. Sommelier was born, in fact, from the long journeys made by the creator of Jupilò in the areas of origin of the blends to which he dedicated the individual blends.