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Rome is immense and boundless; you get lost.  But on the terrace of the Pincio, which overlooks the gardens of Villa Borghese, the view is unique; we go to meet each other. We look at each other, we touch each other by mistake, we smell each other and then we run away together. At dawn, the scent of that night is the only face that remains.

Nuit Charnelle is the story of a lightning-fast and overwhelming passion framed by the breathtaking view of the gardens of Villa Borghese. The male protagonist, looking out onto the Pincio terrace, immersed in the beauty of the city and the scents of the gardens below, is struck by a woman. Irresistible and disturbing, mesmerizing and seductive like Tuberose, the sight of her enraptures him. 

The jasmine carried by the wind, the green notes of the centuries-old plants, the pomegranate that refreshes the air and even the marine notes that come from the horizon, vanish in sight. The woman, cloaked in transgression and sin, is the most powerful call of instinct. The man steps forward. A strong, decisive, manly embrace lights the fire of an overwhelming passion. An olfactory memory of animalistic and hypnotic notes will remain from that night which, on the finish, become gently warm.

Green Notes, Oudh, Petitgrain
Tuberose, Salty Notes, Jasmine
Patchouli, White Musks, Amber Woods

The opening of the fragrance is green and fresh, pleasantly citrusy in the hints of Green Notes and Petigrain. But already dominated by the powerful and persuasive scent of Oud. It is a garden that smells of herbs and musk. An alcove for lovers.
Sweet and intoxicating, the sensual Jasmine winks at the disturbing Tuberose. Narcotic and seductive, this heart note ushers in the night. It is the call of eros. While the salty notes allude to the distant presence of the sea.
The base is masculine, virile and, at the same time, reassuring. Patchuli is a reference to the foreign, adventurous East. White Musks give that animal touch. Amber Woods warm, envelop, sweeten. They translate passions into emotions and memories.